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USENIX 1994 High-Speed Networking Symposium

August 1-3, 1994
Oakland, California

Monday, August 1

Keynote Address:

High Performance Systems and Protocols - Myths and Realities
Craig Partridge, Bolt, Beranek and Newman, Inc.


Session Chair: Jeffrey Mogul, Digital Equipment Corporation
Modular Communication Subsystem Implementation Using A Synchronous Approach
Claude Castelluccia and Walid Dabbous, INRIA

A Framework for the Non-Monolithic Implementation of Protocols in the x-kernel
Parag K. Jain, Norman C. Hutchinson, and Samuel T. Chanson, University of British Columbia


Session Chair: Tom Lyon, Mohr Davidow Ventures
Embedding High Speed ATM in UNIX IP
D. Scott Alexander, C. Brendan S. Traw, and Jonathan M. Smith, University of Pennsylvania

Device Driver Issues in High-Performance Networking
John Michael Tracey and Arindam Banerji, University of Notre Dame


Session Chair: Bill Johnston, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
TCP/IP and HIPPI Performance in the CASA Gigabit Testbed
Bilal Chinoy and Kevin Fall, San Diego Supercomputer Center

Tuesday, August 2

Second Keynote Address:

Learning from the Present - Things that IP Got Right and ATM Got Wrong
Van Jacobson, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory


Session Chair: Gerald Neufeld, University of British Columbia
System Issues in Implementing High Speed Distributed Parallel Storage Systems
Brian Tierney, Bill Johnston, Hanan Herzog, Gary Hoo, Guojun Jin, and Jason Lee, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

A 1.2 Gbit/sec, 1 Microsecond Latency ATM Interface
Ron Minnich, Dan Burns, and Frank Hady, Supercomputing Research Center


Session Chair: Lixia Zhang, Xerox Parc
XTP as a Transport Protocol for Distributed Parallel Processing
W. T. Strayer, M. Lewis, and R. E. Cline, Jr., Sandia National Laboratories

ViewStation Applications: Intelligent Video Processing Over a Broadband Local Area Network
Christopher J. Lindblad, David J. Wetherall, William F. Stasior, Joel F. Adam, Henry H. Houh, Mike Ismert, David R. Bacher, Brent M. Phillips and David L. Tennenhouse
MIT Laboratory for Computer Science

Program Chair

Pat Parseghian, AT&T Bell Laboratories

Program Committee:

Pat Parseghian, AT&T Bell Laboratories
Tom Lyon, Mohr Davidow Ventures
Lixia Zhang, Xerox PARC
Bill Johnston, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
Jeffrey Mogul, Digital Equipment Corporation, Western Research Laboratory