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USENIX Technical Program - Domain-Specific Languages 99

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The 2nd Conference on Domain-Specific Languages
October 3-5, 1999
Austin, Texas, USA


Sunday, October 3

Testing and Experience Reports
Session Chair: James R. Larus, Microsoft Research

Using Production Grammars in Software Testing
Emin Gün Sirer and Brian N. Bershad, University of Washington

Jargons for Domain Engineering
Lloyd H. Nakatani, Mark A. Ardis, Robert G. Olsen, and Paul M. Pontrelli, Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies

Slicing Spreadsheets: An Integrated Methodology for Spreadsheet Testing and Debugging
James Reichwein, Gregg Rothermel, and Margaret Burnett, Oregon State University

Optimization and Extensibility
Session Chair: Mary Fernández, AT&T Labs--Research

An Annotation Language for Optimizing Software Libraries
Samuel Z. Guyer and Calvin Lin, University of Texas at Austin

A Case for Source-Level Transformations in MATLAB
Vijay Menon and Keshav Pingali, Cornell University

Using Java Reflection to Automate Extension Language Parsing
Dale Parson, Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies

Monday, October 4

DSLs and Monads
Session Chair: Paul Hudak, Yale University

DSL Implementation Using Staging and Monads
Tim Sheard, Zine-el-abidine Benaissa, and Emir Pasalic, Oregon Graduate Institute

Monadic Robotics
John Peterson, Yale University; and Greg Hager, The Johns Hopkins University

Embedded Languages
Session Chair: Michael Schwartzbach, University of Aarhus

Domain-Specific Embedded Compilers
Daan Leijen and Erik Meijer, University of Utrecht

Verischemelog: Verilog Embedded in Scheme
James Jennings and Eric Beuscher, Tulane University

Tuesday, October 5

The Web, Data, and Collaboration
Session Chair: Jay Lepreau, University of Utah

Declarative Specification of Data-Intensive Web Sites
Mary Fernández, Dan Suciu, AT&T Labs--Research; and Igor Tatarinov, North Dakota State University

A Collaboration Specification Language
Du Li and Richard R. Muntz, University of California at Los Angeles

Hancock: A Language for Processing Very Large-Scale Data
Dan Bonachea, University of California at Berkeley; Kathleen Fisher, Anne Rogers, AT&T Labs--Shannon Laboratory; and Frederick Smith, Cornell University

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