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USENIX Technical Program - Abstract - COOTS 99

JMAS: A Java-Based Mobile Actor System for Distributed Parallel Computation

Legand L. Burge III, Howard University; K. M. George, Oklahoma State University


JMAS is a prototype network computing infrastructure based on mobile actors [10] using Java technology. JMAS requires a programming style different from commonly used approaches to distributed computing. JMAS allows a programmer to create mobile actors, initialize their behaviors, and send them messages using constructs provided by the JMAS Mobile Actor API. Applications are decomposed by the programmer into small, self-contained sub-computations and distributed among a virtual network of Distributed Run-Time Managers (D-RTM); which execute and manage all mobile computations. This system is well suited for course grain computations for network computing clusters. Performance evaluation is done using two benchmarks: a Mersenne Prime Application, and the Traveling Salesman Problem.
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