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Dynamic Insertion of Object Services

Ajay Mohindra        George Copeland          Murthy Devarakonda
IBM T. J. Watson     IBM Austin               IBM T. J. Watson
Research Center      11400 Burnet Road        Research Center
Hawthorne, NY        Austin, TX               Hawthorne, NY


This paper presents our experiments with dynamic insertion of object services, where dynamic insertion is defined as adding services to object instances at runtime. In contrast, the static approach is defined as adding services to objects at class definition time. Dynamic insertion allows class implementors to concentrate on the basic functionality for objects, freeing them from the chores of providing normal system services such as persistence, transactions, and concurrency. This paper compares the dynamic insertion approach to the static approach using two benchmarks. The two key contributions of the paper are:

  1. It shows how to use the dynamic insertion of services in well known benchmarks;
  2. It demonstrates that the dynamic insertion approach incurs low overhead.

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