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USENIX Conference on Object-Oriented Technologies (COOTS)

June 26-29, 1995
Monterey, California

Wednesday, June 28th

Opening Remarks:
Vincent F. Russo, Purdue University

Keynote Address:
Object Technologies: Where are we? Where are we going? Are we lost?

Michael L. Powell, SunSoft, Inc.

Distributed Object Systems I

Session Chair: Doug Lea
Simple Activation for Distributed Objects
Ann Wollrath, Geoff Wyant and Jim Waldo, Sun Microsystems Labs

Dynamic Insertion of Object Services
Ajay Mohindra and Murthy Devarakonda, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center; George Copeland, IBM Austin

Object-Oriented Components for High-speed Network Programming
Douglas C. Schmidt and Tim Harrison, Washington University, St. Louis

Tools to Cope with Complexity

Session Chair: Murthy Devarakonda
Program Explorer: A Program Visualizer for C++
Danny B. Lange and Yuichi Nakamura, IBM Research, Tokyo Research Laboratory

Configuration Management in an Object-Oriented Database
Mick Jordan and Michael Van DeVanter, Sun Microsystems Labs

Debugging Storage Management Problems in Garbage-Collected Environments
Dave Detlefs and Bill Kaslow, Digital Equipment Corporation, Systems Research Center

Thursday, June 29th

Object-Oriented Languages

Session Chair: Luca Cardelli
Phantom: An Interpreted Language for Distributed Programming
Antony Courtney, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland

A Framework for Higher-Order Functions in C++
Konstantin Laufer, Loyola University of Chicago

Lingua-Franca: An IDL for Structural Subtyping Distributed Object Systems
Patrick Muckelbauer and Vincent F. Russo, Purdue University

Distributed Object Systems II

Session Chair: Jim Waldo
Adding Group Communication and Fault-Tolerance to CORBA
Silvano Maffeis, Cornell University

Using Meta-Objects to Support Optimisation in the Apertos Operating System
Jun-ichiro Itoh, Keio University; Yashuhiko Yokote and Rodger Lea, Sony Computer Science Laboratory, Tokyo

The Spring Object Model
Sanjay Radia, Graham Hamilton, Peter Kessler and Michael L. Powell, SunSoft, Inc.

Object Potpourri

Session Chair: Christopher Pettus
Integration of Concurrency Control in a Language with Subtyping and Subclassing
Carlos Baquero, Rui Oliveira and Francisco Moura, Universidade do Minho, Portugal

Generic Containers for a Distributed Object Store
Carsten Weich, Universitaet Klagenfurt, Austria

Media-Independent Interfaces in a Media-Dependent World
Ken Arnold, Sun Microsystems Laboratories;
Kee Hinckley, Utopia, Inc.; Eric Sheinbrood, Wildfire Communications

Conference Organizers

Technical Sessions Program Chairs
Vincent F. Russo, Purdue University

Tutorial Program Chair
Doug Lea, SUNY Oswego

Program Committee
Luca Cardelli, Digital Systems Research Center
Murthy Devarokonda, IBM, T. J. Watson Research Laboratories
Ted Goldstein, Sun Microsystems Laboratories
Paul Leach, Microsoft
Mark Linton, Silicon Graphics, Inc.
Christopher Pettus, Taligent
Jim Waldo, Sun Microsystems Laboratories

Tutorial Program Coordinator
Daniel V. Klein, USENIX

Conference Planner
Judith DesHarnais, USENIX