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COOTS 2001 Abstract

The Design and Performance of Meta-Programming Mechanisms for Object Request Broker Middleware

Nanbor Wang and Kirthika Parameswaran, Washington University, St. Louis; Douglas Schmidt and Ossama Othman, University of California, Irvine


Distributed object computing (DOC) middleware shields developers from many tedious and errorprone aspects of programming distributed applications. Without proper support from the middleware, however, it can be hard to evolve distributed applications after they are deployed. Therefore, DOC middleware should support metaprogramming mechanisms, such as smart proxies and interceptors, that improve the adaptability of distributed applications by allowing their behavior to be modified without changing existing software drastically. This paper presents three contributions to the study of metaprogramming mechanisms for DOC middleware. First, it illustrates, compares, and contrasts several metaprogramming mechanisms from an application developer's perspective. Second, it outlines the key design and implementation challenges associated with developing smart proxies and portable interceptors features for CORBA. Third, it presents empirical results that pinpoint the performance impact of smart proxies and interceptors. Our goal is to help researchers and developers determine which metaprogramming mechanisms best suit their application requirements.
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