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Design and Implementation of a Simulation Library using Lightweight Processes

Janche Sang, Ke-hsiung Chung, and Vernon Rego
Department of Computer Sciences
Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN 47907

Research supported in part by NSF award CCR-9102331, NATO-900108, ONR-93-1-0233, and ARO-93-G-0045.


The \Si/ lightweight-process based system for simulating process interactions is an enhancement to the C programming language in the form of library primitives with sets of predefined data structures. The \Si/ system encapsulates an existing lightweight-process library to provide a discrete-event simulation environment supporting the process view. It was developed as a research testbed for investigating methods which support simulations efficiently. Easy extensions and modifications to the \Si/ system are a major design objective, accomplished through modularity and layering. This paper describes the system, our experiences with its implementation, and its applicability to simulation modeling. We report on performance measurements of different implementations of the simulation scheduler, and of different algorithms for simulating service disciplines.

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