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Secure SIM Card Personalization
How to Fool the Spooks

Helena Handschuh, David Naccache, Pascal Paillier, and Christophe Tymen, Gemplus Card International

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Table of Contents

  1. Secure SIM Card Personalization
  2. Card Process Flow
  3. Personalization Process
  4. The Personalization Problem
  5. How is it done today ?
  6. New idea: Use Public Key Crypto—The Mailbox Analogy
  7. Public Key Personalization Process
  8. Potential attacks
  9. The Solution: hash functions—The Coffee Mill Analogy
  10. Secure Personalization Process
  11. Advantages / Drawbacks
  12. PROOF, two cases:
  13. Questions ?

This paper was originally published in the Proceedings of the Fifth Smart Card Research and Advanced Application Conference, November 21–22, 2002, San Jose, CA, USA
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