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USENIX Sixth C++ Technical Conference

April 11 - 14, 1994
Cambridge, MA

Chair: Doug Lea, SUNY Oswego

Keynote Address: "A Better C - For Whom?
Peter Deutsch, Artifex Software


Chair: Jim Waldo, Sun Microsystems Lab
The Object Binary Interface: C++ Objects for Evolvable Shared Class Libraries
Theodore Goldstein, Sun Microsystems; Alan Sloane, SunPro

A Framework for Building Extensible C++ Class Libraries
Arindam Banerji, Dinesh Kulkarni, & David Cohn - University of Notre Dame

Implementing Signatures for C++
Gerald Baumgartner & Vince Russo, Purdue University


Chair: Michael Tiemann, Cygnus Support
Base Class Composition with Multiple Derivation and Virtual Bases
Lee Nackman & John Barton, IBM T.J.Watson Labs

Faster Parsing via Prefix Analysis
Martin Carroll, AT&T Bell Laboratories

Static Type Determination for C++
Hemant Pande & Barbara Ryder, Rutgers University


Chair: Judy Grass, CNRI
Supporting Truly Object-Oriented Debugging of C++ Programs
James Coplien, AT&T Bell Laboratories

HotWire -- A Visual Debugger for C++
Chris Laffra & Ashok Malhotra, IBM T.J. Watson Labs

Thursday, April 14


Chair: Erich Gamma, Taligent
A Customizable Memory Management Framework
Giuseppe Attardi, ICSI; Tito Flagella, Universita di Pisa

Safe, Efficient Garbage Collection for C++
John R. Ellis, Xerox PARC; David L. Detlefs, DEC SR


Chair: Desmond D'Souza, Icon
Template Base Delegation
Ted Law, IBM Software Solutions

C++ Design and Implementation Challenges in Technology Computer Aided Design Frameworks
Goodwin Chin, IBM T. J. Watsion Labs; Dharini Sitaraman, Chung Yang, & Martin Giles, University of Michigan

An Object-Oriented Framework for Developing Distributed Applications
Douglas Schmidt, University of California - Irvine


Chair: Steve Vinoski, Hewlett Packard
Interface Translation and Implementation Filtering
Mark Linton, Silicon Graphics; Douglas Pan, Stanford University

A Poor Man's Approach to String-Based Interfacing of C++ Objects
Thomas Kofler, Walter Bischofberger; Bruno Schaeffer, Union Bank of Switzerland - UBILAB

Sharing Between Translation Units in C++ Program Databases
Samuel Kendall,Sun Microsystems Labs ; Glenn Allinn, CenterLine Software

A Dossier Driven Persistent Objects Facility
Robert Mecklenburg, Charles Clark, Gary Lindstrom & Benny Yih, University of Utah