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USENIX - Technical Program USENIX '97 Conference

USENIX 1997 Conference
January 6-10, 1997
Anaheim, California, USA

Wednesday, January 8

Performance I

Embedded Inodes and Explicit Grouping: Exploiting Disk Bandwidth for Small Files
Gregory R. Ganger; M. Frans Kaashoek, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
("Best Paper" Award!)
;login: summary by Peter Collinson

Observing the Effects of Multi-Zone Disks
Rodney Van Meter, Information Sciences Institute, University of Southern California
;login: summary by Peter Collinson

A Revisitation of Kernel Synchronization Schemes
Christopher Small, Stephen Manley, Harvard University
;login: summary by Peter Collinson

Interface Tricks

Porting UNIX to Windows NT
David G. Korn, AT&T Labs-Research
;login: summary by Michael Stok

Protected Shared Libraries-A New Approach to Modularity and Sharing
Arindam Banerji, Hewlett-Packard Laboratories; John M. Tracey, T.J. Watson Research Center; David L. Cohn, University of Notre Dame
("Best Student Paper" Award!)

Extending the Operating System at the User-Level: the Ufo Global File System
Albert D. Alexandrov; Maximilian Ibel; Klaus E. Schauser; Chris J. Scheiman, University of California, Santa Barbara
;login: summary by Michael Stok

Client Tricks

Network-aware Mobile Programs
Mudumbai Ranganathan; Anurag Acharya; Shamik Sharma; Joel Saltz, University of Maryland
;login: summary by Peter Collinson

Using Smart Clients to Build Scalable Services
Chad Yoshikawa; Brent Chun; Paul Eastham; Amin Vahdat; Thomas Anderson; David Culler University of California, Berkeley
;login: summary by Peter Collinson

Thursday, January 9


Building Distributed Process Management on an Object-Oriented Framework
Ken Shirriff, Sun Microsystems Laboratories
;login: summary by Gordon Galligher

Adaptive and Reliable Parallel Computing on Networks of Workstations
Robert D. Blumofe, University of Texas, Austin; Philip A. Lisiecki, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
;login: summary by Gordon Galligher

A Distributed Shared Memory Facility for FreeBSD
Pedro A. Souto; Eugene W. Stark, State University of New York, Stony Brook
;login: summary by Gordon Galligher


Cdt: A General and Efficient Container Data Type Library
Kiem-Phong Vo, AT&T Labs-Research
;login: summary by Gordon Galligher

A Simple and Extensible Graphical Debugger
David R. Hanson; Jeffrey L. Korn, Princeton University
;login: summary by Gordon Galligher

Cget, Cput, and Stage-Safe File Transport Tools for the Internet
Bill Cheswick, Bell Laboratories
;login: summary by Gordon Galligher

Friday, January 10

User Tools

WebGlimpse-Combining browsing and searching
Udi Manber; Michael Smith; Burra Gopal, University of Arizona

Mailing List Archive Tools
Sam Leffler and Melange Tortuba, Silicon Graphics

Experience with GroupLens: Making Usenet Useful Again
Bradley N. Miller; John T. Riedl; Joseph A. Konstan, University of Minnesota

Performance II

Overcoming Workstation Scheduling Problems in a Real-Time Audio Tool
Isidor Kouvelas; Vicky Hardman, University College London

On Designing Lightweight Threads for Substrate Software
Matthew Haines, University of Wyoming

High-Performance Local-Area Communication With Fast Sockets
Steven H. Rodrigues; Thomas E. Anderson; David E. Culler, University of California, Berkeley

Caching and Stashing

An Analytical Approach to File Prefetching
Hui Lei; Dan Duchamp, Columbia University
;login: summary by Michael Stok

Optimistic Deltas for WWW Latency Reduction
Gaurav Banga, Rice University; Fred Douglis; Michael Rabinovich, AT&T Labs-Research
;login: summary by Michael Stok

A Toolkit Approach to Partially Connected Operation
Dan Duchamp, Columbia University
;login: summary by Michael Stok

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