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Proceedings of the USENIX 1997 Annual Technical Conference
January 6-10, 1997, Anaheim, California

Original Call for Papers
Available in PDF format

Original Program
with Tutorial Descriptions

Technical Program

USELINUX sessions
Linux Application Development and Deployment Conference

Keynote Address:
Developing on "Internet Time"
James Gosling, Sun Microsystems
Presentation slides available in PowerPoint and PostScript formats.
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Session summaries
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Invited Talks

Conference Organizers

Program Chair:
John Kohl, Pure Atria Corporation

Program Committee:
Matt Blaze, AT&T Labs-Research
Bill Bolosky, Microsoft Research
Nathaniel Borenstein, First Virtual Holdings
Charlie Briggs, Digital Equipment Corp.
Clem Cole, Digital Equipment Corp.
Fred Douglis, AT&T Labs-Research
Rob Gingell, Sun Microsystems
Mike Karels, Berkeley Software Design, Inc.
John Schimmel, Silicon Graphics
Carl Staelin, Hewlett-Packard Labs
Invited Talks Co-coordinators:
Mary Baker, Stanford University
Berry Kercheval, Xerox PARC

USELINUX Program Committee

Conference Chair
Michael Johnson, Red Hat Software

Technical Track Committee:
Michael K. Johnson, Red Hat Software Mark Bolzern, WorkGroup Solutions Alan Cox, 3Com, Remote Access Products Jon maddog Hall, Esq., Digital Equipment Corporation Lorrie LeJeune, O'Reilly and Associates Dr. Tom Miller, North Carolina State University Erik Troan, Red Hat Software

Business Track Committee:
Jon maddog Hall, Esq., Digital Equipment Corporation
Jonathan Eunice, Illuminata, Inc.
Michael K. Johnson, Red Hat Software
Lorrie LeJeune, O'Reilly and Associates
Bryan Sparks, Caldera, Inc.
Paul Winbauer, Avnet Computing
Bob Young, Red Hat Software
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