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Tutorial Program

Two days of technical tutorials are scheduled to take place on the two days prior to the Conference and Exhibition. These tutorials are organized in concert with the USENIX Association, a not-for-profit society of scientists, engineers, and system administrators from around the world.

Tuesday October 12, 1999 Tutorials
9am-5pm T1: Linux Systems Administration
Bryan C. Andregg; Red Hat Software
9am-5pm T2: Administering Linux in Production Environments
Aeleen Frisch; Exponential Consulting
9am-5pm T3: Inside the Linux Kernel
Ted Ts'o; MIT

Wednesday October 13, 1999 Tutorials

9am-5pm W1: Network Administration
Bryan C. Andregg; Red Hat Software
9am-5pm W2: Image manipulation with the GIMP
Karin Kylander, Olof S Kylander; Frozenriver Digital Design
morning W3: DHCP/DNS
Greg Kulosa; GNAC, Inc.
afternoon W4: Secure Networking - An Introduction to Virtual Private Networks
Tina Bird; Secure Networking Group

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