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Showcase Events

The Old Codgers' History of UNIX

(A benefit dinner talk)
Friday October 15, 1999 -- 8PM

There are many tales to tell about the early days of UNIX systems and who better than old codgers to tell them. Rely upon the ancient's lore to illuminate the many odd UNIX stories and tales rooted in the obscure days of UNIX before 10Mbps Ethernets and 9600bps modems.

What was the 50 bugs tape?
What's an RKO5?
Can you work in RATFOR?
Who originated the UNIX license plate?
How many lines of code in V6? In NT?

If you want to hear the codgers reminisce about the millennia before Linux (or at least the 20 years from 1971 to 1991), you won't want to miss this rocking chair crew.

Led by the aged Peter Salus, the decrepit maddog, the doddering Phil Hughes, and a host of red dwarfs, the banquet will be a most hilarious night to remember.

The benefit dinner takes place Friday evening, Oct. 15th as the closing evening event of the third annual Atlanta Linux Showcase at the Cobb Galleria Centre in Atlanta, Georgia.

The cost is $30 per person. Proceeds go to the Pediatric Oncology Group (POG). The POG is a National Cancer Institute-sponsored clinical trials cooperative group of individuals and approximately 130 medical research institutions in the United States, Canada, Switzerland, and Australia dedicated to controlling cancer among children and adolescents. They will use the gift to implement Linux solutions at the POG, to replace Microsoft and AIX based systems.

Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts Users Group Party

Thursday October 14, 1999 -- 7PM

The Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts Users Group Party will be held on Thursday October 14th from 7:00pm to 10:00pm. The party will be located at Dave & Buster's in Marietta off of Delk Rd.

At Dave & Buster's there will be an open bar, a fajita buffet, and a private Atlanta Linux Showcase room. The many activities include Billard tables reserved exclusively for ALS attendees, 3-D Motion Flight Simulator, and over 200 state of the art Video games.

Attendees can obtain Power Cards from the Sponsoring Vendors on the Exhibit Floor on Thursday.

Sponsors include Open Sales,, and Enhanced Software Technologies (silver level).

Linux In Action

October 14-16, 1999

The Linux In Action (LIA) booth is part of the Atlanta Linux Showcase outreach program designed to educate the general public on the use of solutions involving Linux. This year LIA is hosting a hands-on workshop focused on installing linux on machines that run Windows95/98. The workshop will have 2 students at each of 40 computers initially configured with only Windows95 installed. During the workshop, an instructor along with a few assistants will walk the students through the process of creating space on their windows 95 PC using the PowerQuest Partition Magic (tm) software. Subsequently, the students will be walked through an actual installation of a Linux distribution. Along the way, the instructor and the workshop assistants will discuss common problems that can occur in the less than ideal environment outside the workshop and answer any students questions.

Thursday October 14: 4 workshops during the day. The first one starts at 11:30am.
Friday October 15: 5 workshops during the day. The first one starts at 9:30am.
Saturday October 16: 4 workshops during the day. The first one starts at 9:30am.
The exact workshop schedule will be posted at the Linux In Action area on the showfloor.

User Friendly Book Signing

Friday October 15, 1999

Illiad will be at the Atlanta Linux Showcase to sign copies of his upcoming new book, published by O'Reilly. He'll be signing your copy for free during hours posted at the User Friendly booth.

Loki Hack

October 11-13, 1999

During Loki Hack, up to 30 qualified hackers will have 48 hours in a secure setting to make alterations to the Linux source code for Civilization: Call to Power (TM). In turn Loki will make available in binary form all resulting work from the contest. Winners of this unique contest will be announced during the Atlanta Linux Showcase. First prize will be a dual-processor workstation (running Linux of course).

The hackers will have full reign to add features, alter logic, or implement additional library support. Upon conclusion of the contest, a panel of judges will evaluate the hacks and award prizes to the best hack and runners up. Qualified hackers may apply to participate on Loki website,

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