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Showcase Conference Schedule

Thursday October 14, 1999
Time Ballroom AB Ballroom CD Ballroom F
8:00 Registration Counter Opens
9:00 Keynote: Jeremy Allison,
"Open Source Development of a Closed Protocol"
 Distributions BusinessX Windows
11:00 Elizabeth O. Coolbaugh
Linux Distributions
Don Rosenberg
Linux at the Chasm
Dirk Hohndel
XFree86 - past, present, future
12:00 David Mosberger
The Linux/ia64 Project
Paul Everitt
Funding the Perfect Beast - Venture Capitalism, IP
Irene McCartney
1:00 Lunch
 Distributed Computing TechnicalMaking Money
2:00 Sudharshan Vazhkudai
Phillip Ezolt
Bernie Thompson
Making Money in the Bazaar
3:00 Andrew J. Weber
Shared Memory System
Adil Attari
Phone Based Email
Nathan Laredo
Will Code for Hardware
4:00 Break
4:30 Andrew Pitman
Thad Starner
Wearable Computing
Eric S. Raymond
The Magic Cauldron
5:30 San Mehat
HW Clustering
Paolo Molaro
GTK For Blind
JoEllen & Mark Mathews
Developing Linux for Fun and Profit
6:30 Conference Sessions End

Friday October 15, 1999
Time Ballroom AB Ballroom CD Ballroom F
8:00 Registration Counter Opens
 Kernel SecurityApplications
10:00 Jim Mostek
Porting Commercial FS to Linux
Michael H. Warfield
Security and the Open Source Model
Michael J. Hammel
Mastering Gimp
11:00 Max Berger
Jane Lemmer
Rob Tillotson
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Jes Sorensen
Optimizing Linux Device Drivers for SMP systems
Jon Lasser
Bastille Linux
Miguel de Icaza
The GNOME Future
2:00 Darryl Ramm
VMware: Not your Granddaddy's Virtual Machine
Matthew O'Keefe
Secure FileSystem
Nat Friedman
The Bonobo Component and Document Model
3:00 Break
3:30 Matthew Tippett
Open Sourcing Internally Funded Projects
Dan York
Linux Certifications
Geoff Harrison
Enlightenment and the Linux Desktop
4:30 Conference Sessions End
6:30 Keynote: Norm Schryer,
"The Pain of Success, The Joy of Defeat: Unix History"

Saturday October 16, 1999
Time Ballroom E Ballroom AB
8:00 Registration Counter Opens
  System AdministrationSoftware Development
10:00 Steve Oualline
Management of Open Source Tools
Tony Dean
Java Linux
11:00 Paul Sheer
Ben Combee
Porting CodeWarrior to Linux
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Dave Whitinger
Running Linux Today
Paul Sheer
2:00 Phil Huges
Publishing a Magazine w/ Linux
Jim Winstead
3:00 Break
3:30 Jon "Maddog" Hall
Works in Progress
4:30 Conference Sessions End

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