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Atlanta Linux Showcase Photos: Favorites

Miguel de Icaza, David Miller, Richard Henderson at the keynote. (kb)         Bodo Bauer of S.u.S.E. demonstrates a Linux install.
Linus, Tove and Patricia meet Zeph Hull, a showcase volunteer.         Linus, Patricia, maddog (Jon Hall), Tove, Eric Raymond, Bob Young
Richard Henderson: "Shared Libraries from Ground Zero"         David Miller behind ALE Ale.
David Hamm of ALE is quite the ham.         Linus displays maddog's Linux mascot of choice: a pirhana.
Tove, Linus and Patricia at the Friday night appreciation dinner.         Proof that I actually did talk to the Spellcaster people, Eric! (kb)
The South Alabama Linux Users' Group (SALUG).         maddog (Jon Hall) gives his Linux International spiel to Patricia.