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Atlanta Linux Showcase ALS Photos: Speakers

Steve DuChene led the Technical Track.         Jon "maddog" Hall preaches Linux evangelism.
Bob Young abandoned all prepared texts and presented his own view of the future of Linux.         Miguel de Icaza uses descriptive gestures to describe how RAID works.
Michael Maher presents the Red Hat Package Manager.         David Miller, caught in a rare moment (he's standing still enough to be photographed), describes the genius and madness behind the Sparc Linux port.
Phil Hughes presents the past, present and future of Linux, including a case study of how Linux has made him independently wealthy.         Dr. Lloyd Brodsky presents a freely available groupware application.
Don Rosenberg on selling Linux - Marketing for Technical Folks (photo not available)         Miguel de Icaza's striking graphic of a RAID 0 configuration (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Penguins?)
Mike Gancarz, Author of The Unix Philosophy         Lester Hightower presents a case study of how Linux was deployed in one company, completely replacing a Novell/Wintel setup.
Jeff Farnsworth of Caldera presents Open Linux and the creation of a support support network for Independent Sofware Vendors.         Eric Raymond contrasts the traditional model of commercial software development (the Cathederal model) with the method that produced Linux (the Bazaar model).
Richard Henderson on "Why you need shared libraries for Linux/Alpha, but you don't need shoes."         Steve Webb gives presents the different offerings that Caldera's Open Linux line offers.
David Mandelstam describes the workings of Wide Area Networking technolgies.         Jim Paradis on running Linux/x86 software under Linux/Alpha
Mark Bolzern peers into his crystal ball to see the future of Linux.         Eric Ayers led the Business Track.