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Atlanta Linux Showcase ALS Photos: Roast Fundraiser

After a thorough barbequing, Linus gets a chance to do a little roasting of his own.         A table full of ALS organizers at the roast. Marc Torres provides ettiquite tips for the unwashed, and Some Guy tries to hide his face from the camera.
Virtual beer is great, but when you can't have that, the real thing will do very nicely. Mike Warfield presents Linus Torvalds with an offical bottle of ALS homebrewed cider.         Dan Newcombe, Todd SanMillan, and Zeph Hull are in the mood for some good-natured Linus bashing.
Eric Raymond assists Linus in liberating the Atlanta Linux Showcase commemorative keyboard which was signed by the Linux Kernel developers and given away in a raffle as another fundraiser.         Linus stomps the life out of the cancerous keys.
Jon "maddog" Hall recalls a shy Linus on a Mississippi riverboat, and brings back tales from Tove's parents Finland.         Eric Raymond recalls how Linus, caught up in talking about a new kernel data structure, casually stepped out in front of a speeding taxi while in Boston.
David Miller describes how a sneaky kernel developer used 'sed' to sneak a patch into the code after Linus rejected it the first time based on "design principles."         Phil Hughes demonstrates that while Linus Torvalds may be too shy to have his picture taken for the cover of The Linux Journal, he doesn't mind having it splashed all over San Francisco on the cover of a weekly paper.