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Atlanta Linux Showcase ALS Photos: More!

Upset about missing a talk, Todd Lewis opts for a slow, painful death via Camels. Steve Lewis (no relation) makes no moves to stop him.         Amateur photographers don't make much money, so Amy takes bets on whose pictures will show up the most in the photo pages. (jpegs, not tiffs!)
Amy & Eric dragged Miguel all the way to Marietta just to show him their bathroom wired with Cat5.         Miguel tells Richard how long it takes to get an Indy through Mexican customs (4 months).
some guy: Ooh! A french fry!         Mike Warfield gets his own personal switchboard session with Linus.
Hey! He's not Todd Lewis!         These geeks just can't stop talking Linux!
Mike gives his 3rd talk on security of the day.         Can you spot in this picture?