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Atlanta Linux Showcase Photos: Vendor Booths

Mike Warfield manning his ISS booth.         APPX
Spellcaster gets the ISDN connection up Friday night.         Arkeia
And they smile!         Linux Mall
Spelllcaster.         Hyde (Spatch paging software)
Caldera         Cyclades. One of the first vendors for multiport serial cards with Linux support.
Cosmos         Friday night at ALS - the quiet before the storm.
The Spellcaster Team looks refreshed after a good night's sleep. Not even the trials of ISDN installation from BellSouth can dampen their spirit!         Another sucker^H^H^H^H^H^H^H subscriber for the Linux Journal!
Caldera introduces their brand-new OpenLinux and OpenDOS product lines.         Spellcaster. Gee, who would have thought that giving one of the ALS photographers an ISDN terminal adapter would get them so much publicity?
Enhanced Software Technologies showcases BRU - Backups you can trust. Featuring the famous "BRU guys"         RedHat shows off their T-shirts, mugs, documentation, Linux distributions, and RPM packaging technology
Computone's trade show rep - vendor of multiport serial boards, terminal servers, and expert pilot of little whirlygigs.         Faircom - vendor of relational database software for Linux. Not just another pretty face.
The Linux Mall - chock full of goodies and you don't have to worry about being run over in the parking lot.         Jim Paradis of Digital smugly contemplates what he will do with >400 BogoMips of raw horsepower on his 500mHz Alpha workstation.
SPATCH - alphanumeric paging software for UNIX.         The man with the big red hat at Cosmos Engineering puts on a sneak preview at Comdex before the main event at ALS.
Linux On A Disk - a compiler is included, the hat is not.         The trio from appX software with a live demonstration.
The Linux Journal previews its July issue, featuring Linux on the U.S. Space Shuttle.         Apex conducts a survey of how Linux is pronounced across the United States. I say 'Linux' as in PIN was the winner at ALS.
Many goodies up for grabs at the InfoMagic booth.