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Atlanta Linux Showcase ALS Photos: ALE Members

Miguel de Icaza and Todd Lewis discuss the pros and cons of open-toed footwear.         Sleep-deprived Vernard Martin takes a nap on his feet.
Rob Hoppe asks Patricia what window manager she uses.         Robbie and Eric are laughing at Linus' Windows-bashing.
Dan is learning about the latest kernel updates from Patricia.         Dan Newcombe poses with his new son. Congratulations, Dan! What does he sound like?
Vernard learns what distributed computing is all about.         David Miller officiates the kernel compile contest between V and Linus.
Dan and Steve smile and nod their heads pretending they understand the technical talks.         Much like deer, Doug and Kim are held captive by the light.
You do not have to be an English major to advocate the use of Linux or even to work at MindSpring Enterprises like Robbie.         On the other hand, it doesn't hurt to use ispell once in a while.
Byron demonstrates how to frag bad guy's in DOOM and how lifelike the 21" monitor makes it look.         Shiny, Happy People who run Linux
With a keypress here and there, Dan shows how easy it is to bypass V's security measures.         Andy begins the search for Todd Lewis: "What I want out of each and every one of you is a hard target search of every beer hall, residence, beer store, farmhouse, henhouse, outhouse and doghouse in that area!"
"Hey, we're twins!"         Brett Spangler thinks he sees Bill Gates in disguise.
Andrew Newton and Karen "I'm not a Linux user, but I am marrying one" Bushaw.         Despite her claims of being a non-linux person, Karen was seen giving many impromptu kernel lectures.
Vernard Martin and Steve "I'm not late, you guys are early" DuChene.         Eric decides that a DEC Alpha would make a lovely anniversary present for Amy. (no! I want an SGI!!!)
Todd "Sleepyhead" Lewis wants to buy an Infomagic alarm clock, but they don't seem to sell those.         Volunteers engrossed in splinter removal.
To this day, the phantom of Marc Torres still haunts the Inforum, showing up in tourist pictures like this one of Linus, Tove and Patricia.         Linux in action.