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The Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts present: The Atlanta Linux Expo

Does your operating system meet all of your computer needs? Are you bored with other operating systems on your computer? Are you finding that you need more computing horsepower for Internet connectivity, World Wide Web server, robust file/print server, Unix/X/Motif code development, or do you just need to support several simultaneous users? Linux can do all of this and more.

What is Linux? It is a full 32-bit implementation of Unix (tm) for Intel based personal computers. A large cooperative effort by many developers spread across the world is coordinated by Linux Torvalds of the University of Helsinki, Finland. Sales and support is offered by many companies such as Infomagic, Red Hat and others. From humble beginnings it grew to be a complete Posix compliant mature operating system that has since been ported to the 64 bit DEC Alpha, SGI MIPS, Sun SPARC, and Motorola 680x0 architectures, such as the Amiga. A port is also under development for the Power PC chips and multi-processor machines. With the addition of C/C++ compiler, libraries, and other utilities as well as many other Copylefted and commercial applications, such as Word Perfect and the Netscape Navigator, it has become a rich environment for personal, business and academic use. Because of the large development base Linux users are able to utilize a wide range of hardware. Often support for new or unusual hardware exists sooner with Linux than with other operating systems. Since the full source code is available, modifications are easily incorporated. Several articles have been written about it in publications such as Byte, InfoWeek, Unix Review and Linux Journal. It is reported to be in use on several computers that have traveled on the space shuttle and supported remote data relay stations in the Antarctic.

Unfortunately since Linux was not developed by a large corporation it has not received the exposure that other operating systems have. The Atlanta Linux enthusiasts are organizing a non-profit expo to remedy this situation in the Atlanta area. Many of the members of this volunteer organization will demonstrate the ability of Linux to provide support for business and personal needs. For more information about the Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts, see

Some of the topics which will be presented at this expo include:

The Expo will be held at the Georgia Tech campus on April 13th, 1996 from 10:00 to 4:00 in the Student Services building and admission will be free. Click here for a map to Student Services.

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