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ALS Mission Statement

The Atlanta Linux Showcase was founded in 1996 for the purpose of furthering the use of the Linux operating system in the public and private sectors. We seek to achieve this goal by providing a forum in which to present and discuss technical innovations using Linux and recognize technical excellence in the development of Linux-related computing solutions. In the process, we seek to educate the general public on the use of solutions involving Linux, and promote a sense of community among Linux users and developers.

Many new projects that have advanced the state of computing can have their roots traced back to Linux. As Linux continues to evolve, it influences the development of other computing environments. These efforts in turn inspire more Linux development. We believe that these creative efforts should be encouraged and supported by the community at large. We believe that by offering resources at critical times, we can further the evolution of Linux and thereby further the evolution of computing as a whole.

We believe that education of the general public on the use of Linux is a key factor in the success of Linux. Towards this end, we provide an outlet for technically experienced individuals to share their expertise and in the process, create a resource for those who wish to learn about Linux. By providing a consistent and thorough source for Linux information, we encourage others to learn more about Linux at their own pace and in a way that is most comfortable to them.

The community that has formed around the Linux movement is one of its greatest strengths and has allowed Linux to develop in ways that no other operating system can claim. To continue this strong tradition, we sponsor events which serve as gathering points for individuals interested in Linux. We also provide resources to aid groups that work on Linux-oriented community projects.

The Atlanta Linux Showcase, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation consisting of an advisory council composed of a Board of Directors which includes a President, Vice-President, and Treasurer. None of the members receive monetary compensation for the efforts.

ALS 2002 Organizers

Marc Torres, President,
Long-time Linux advocate and expert. Will work for food. Also President of the Mr. Hat fan club, and an avid collector of the Dummies series.
Blake Sorensen, Chief Financial Officer,
Blake has been a Linux user since 1995. He is a software engineer with Pharsalia Technologies where he uses Linux as a development platform. He became involved with the Atlanta Linux Showcase in 1997.
Paul Manno, Secretary,
Paul is the manager of curriculum and technology for the Georgia Tech College of Computing Continuing Education program. He has administered large and small UNIX systems since 1976 and non-UNIX systems even longer. His professional and personal use of Linux encompasses several distributions over the last four years touching a variety of system, mail, web and network administration. He is the Tutorial Liason for ALS 2001.
Hunter Eidson, Director,
Hunter has been using Linux since 1994. He currently works for Georgia Perimeter College as a system administrator responsible for HP/UX, Tru64, and Linux systems. Lately, he's been playing with Linux security and wireless networking around his apartment.
Vernard Martin, Director, Head Showcase Committee,
V, as he is usually called, is a PhD candidate in the College of Computing at Georgia Tech. His current research is in Parallel and Distributed Computing focusing on the construction and management of large scale, highly dynamic, interactive distributed computational spaces (i.e. kickass games). His goal in life is finish his Phd so he can go and corrupt young minds.
Levien de Braal, Webmaster,
Research Scientist at the Graphics, Visualization, and Usability (GVU) Center, and part of the College of Computing at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Research interests include user interface design, medical informatics, computer graphics, and visualization. Member of ACM and IEEE.
Ben Cooper, Organizer,
Ben Cooper has been running Linux since 1994, when he installed 0.99pl14 on an 8MB 386 and used it to write a 325 page C++ course using LaTeX and g++. Since then he has been confused whenever he hears the question, "When will Linux be ready for prime time?" As a C++ and Java instructor, Ben has enlightened hundreds of captive programmers with his opinion that everyone ought to use Linux for everything, starting years ago. Really, why buy what doesn't work when you can get what does for free? And now that the press has caught on to Linux somewhat, he feels less out of touch with humanity. But there's still that matter of his advocating Richard Stallman for the Nobel Peace Prize...
Daniel Cox, Organizer,
Mr. Cox has used UNIX Operating Systems since 1981. He is proficient in C, shell, Perl, Awk, Sed, and the Ingres Relational Database, for all the good it does him. He is blessed with a Linux Box as his workstation at his company, and develops full time under Linux. He works for Connex Inc. At work he uses RedHat 6.2, and his home distribution is SuSE 7.1.
Valerie Cox, Organizer,
Valerie Cox is the spouse to Danny Cox, the BOF Coordinator for ALS 2001. She is a Registered Nurse working for McKessonHBOC dealing with hospital information systems. She assisted with the 1998 ALS registration, and was the Hospitality Coordinator for ALS 2000.
Sam Davis, Organizer,
Sam has been using UNIX since 1994 when he had to learn UNIX to feed his obsession for MUDs. He fell in love with it then and it has been an off and on love affair ever since. He currently works for Georgia Perimeter College in Desktop Support and as a Continuing Education Instructor. His home network is heavy with Linux, and he looks forward to the day when he can get rid of Windows all together. Unfortunately, until they port Diablo II to Linux or he can get VM-Ware to run it, he'll have to keep at least one evil box around.
Steven DuChene, Organizer,
Linux distributions expert extra-ordinaire. Hobbies: playing Quake (I/II/III) on mission-critical servers, maxing out all available bandwidth downloading graphics with a high ratio of flesh-tones, growing bonsai kittens, and breeding goats.
Greg Hankins, Organizer,
An avid Linux user since early 1994, Greg currently works as a senior consulting engineer for Riverstone Networks. He is best know for his contributions to the Linux Documentation Project in many different roles over the years. Greg holds a B.S. and M.S in computer science from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Sometimes he mumbles "I'll sleep when I'm dead" incoherently.
Robbie Honerkamp, Organizer,
Robbie is responsible for maintaining this and other ALS servers as well as planning and operation of the ALS show network. He is president of Comtrends, an Internet Solutions Provider specializing in Open Source-based solutions. He is also a freelance ISP consultant, and is currently working on a wireless ISP project in Nigeria. On top of that, he is also involved in an as-yet-unnamed Internet software startup. In his spare time he tries to remember to sleep and eat.
Ray Knight, Organizer,
Ray has been in a software developer for over 15 years and a Linux user and enthusiast since early 1994. He currently is involved in maintaining the m68k Macintosh port and is working on a port for the HP9000/300 series systems. He is employed as a software engineer with E-Certify.
Piotr Misztal, Organizer,
Piotr is currently employed doing system support for the computer science department at the university of Georgia. He is also still attempting to finish his degree. In his spare time he enjoys anime, driving, and penguins.

Special Credits

The ALS Board and Organizers would like to thank USENIX and Linux International for their help.

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