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ALS 2000 Abstract

Building a self-contained auto-configuring Linux system on an iso9660 filesystem

Klaus Knopper, Knopper.Net


Bootable CD-Roms with a small Linux rescue system in business card size, or regular size live demonstration CDs are becoming popular recently. Also, some of the commercial Linux distributors as well as non-profit Open Source groups are developing self-running demos that are preconfigured for certain hardware, or contain a configuration frontend. Knoppix (Knopper's *nix) is an attempt to not only create a fully featured rescue/demo system on a single CD, but also to unburden the user from the task of hardware identification and configuration of drivers, devices and X11 for his or her specific hardware. The resulting product is supposed to be a platform CD with a stable GNU/Linux base system, that can be used to customize static installations for a specific purpose.
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