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Computing Systems 1990

A quarterly publication of the USENIX Association

Volume 3 • Number 1 • Winter 1990

USENIX Association and Editorial Board

Greetings by Michael D. O'Dell, Editor-in-Chief; Peter H. Salus, Managing Editor

Guest Editorial by Eugene H. Spafford, Purdue University

The Design and Implementation of the Clouds Distributed Operating System by P. Dasgupta, R.C. Chen, S. Menon, M.P. Pearson, R. Ananthanarayanan, U. Ramachandran, M. Ahamad, R.J. LeBlanc, W.F. Appelbe, J.M. Bernabéu-Aubán, P.W. Hutto, M.Y.A. Khalidi, and C.J. Wilkenloh, Georgia Institute of Technology

Using Hints in DUNE Remote Procedure Calls by Marc F. Pucci and J.L. Alberi, Bellcore

Mach/4.3BSD: A Conservative Approach To Parallelization by Joseph Boykin and Alan Langerman, Encore Computer Corporation

Implementation Issues for the Psyche Multiprocessor Operating System by Michael L. Scott, Thomas J. LeBlanc, Brian D. Marsh, Timothy G. Becker, Cezary Dubnicki, Evangelos P. Markatos, and Neil G. Smithline, University of Rochester

Fine-Grain Adaptive Scheduling using Feedback by Henry Massalin and Calton Pu, Columbia University

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