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International Speakers Program

The USENIX Association has recently inaugurated an International Speakers Program. We will assist sister organizations and our affiliate member societies in locating and sending speakers to conferences worldwide. USENIX speakers have presented papers at our conferences on such topics as operating systems, network security, system administration, and languages. USENIX will

  • Assist your organization in ascertaining appropriate topics and speakers
  • Extend invitations
  • If needed, fund transportation and expenses
We only require that the presentation be promoted as a "USENIX Presentation." Please contact the Association's Executive Director, Ellie Young at

Your proposal should contain the following information:

  • Who is the sponsor of the event?
  • Contact information (phone, postal and email addresses, URL for the organization and the event).
  • A brief description of the event (or of a previous similar event).
  • Topic(s) for which you seek a speaker or name(s) of specific speaker(s) you would like to invite.
  • Dates, and the time period the speaker will need to be present at the event.
  • How much support you require from USENIX, if any.
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