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Dear Colleagues,

The First Workshop on Industrial Experiences with Systems Software (WIESS 2000) is the ideal opportunity for OS professionals working "in the trenches" to share their knowledge and connect with like-minded peers. WIESS was conceived and co-sponsored by USENIX, ACM SIGOPS, and IEEE-CS TCOS. It is designed to complement the SOSP and OSDI conferences by focusing on industry results of immediate benefit and use rather than long-term research. The workshop will be informal in style, featuring short papers, invited talks, and posters that will allow the participants to focus on the practical aspects and current problems in the field.

The WIESS program is a very full day of presentations and panel discussions on topics such as systems architecture, scalable computer architecture, system performance, and new tools and techniques. James Gosling, creator of JAVA and SUN Microsystems Vice President, kicks off the program, followed by packed sessions presentations of WIESS papers and posters: see the complete program on the facing page. The panel discussion with Andrew Tanenbaum, Rob Pike, Marshall Kirk McKusick, and Rob Gingell will address systems software research and technology transfer. The last invited talk will be by Steven Kleiman, CTO of Network Appliance, Inc., on "Surfing Technology Curves." We will close the day with the expression of outrageous opinions on the topic of systems software.

Join us on October 22, 2000, at the beautiful Paradise Point Resort in San Diego, California, for an unforgettable day of information exchange.

Dejan S. Milojicic

Dejan S. Milojicic, HP Labs
WIESS Program Chair

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