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WIESS '02 Invited Talk    [WIESS '02 Technical Program]


About 20 years ago, I often spoke on "Small Is Beautiful and Other Thoughts on Programming Strategies." Just for fun, this talk uses the original slides, but adds commentary to bring them to 2002. I will examine project success and failure, the common reasons thereof, strategies for failing quickly when necessary, and other related topics in engineering. Most still seem to apply well today, alas.

John Mashey is an ancient UNIX software person who has also helped designed microprocessors and systems, managed many software projects, posted many articles on the net, and given 500+ public talks. He has worked at Bell Labs, Convergent Technologies, MIPS Computer Systems, Silicon Graphics (where he ended as VP & Chief Scientist), Sensei Partners (a venture investment firm), and is currently consulting around Silicon Valley.

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This paper was presented at the 2nd Workshop on Industrial Experiences with Systems Software, December 8, 2002
Boston, MA, US

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