WIESS '02 Keynote


  1. WIESS '02 Keynote
  2. Unnamed
  3. Setting up the discussion
  4. Integration is top priority for CIOs
  5. BUT: Why is spending so high?
  6. My first encounter with complex systems
  7. Johnny Cash was the closing act
  8. Wally Heider
  9. Wally Heider reviewed our installation of sound system
  10. Too often, this is what happens when customers buy systems
  11. Lessons Learned?
  12. Failure Proofing vs Design for Recovery
  13. Take the case of the F16 fighter
  14. Here's an interesting component of the F16 system
  15. The F16 is a high performance aircraft
  16. System recovery design
  17. Once the plane is heading down
  18. After Releasing Parachute !
  19. Lessons Learned?
  20. Perception of quality
  21. Examples continue...
  22. And, finally...
  23. Logging, Monitoring and Problem Determination
  24. True error message
  25. On this day...
  26. Helpful (not) messages
  27. Latin seems to be a theme...
  28. Lessons Learned?
  29. Summing up...
  30. Thanks and closing