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USITS 2001 Abstract

End-to-End WAN Service Availability

Bharat Chandra, Mike Dahlin, Lei Gao, and Amol Nayate, University of Texas at Austin


This paper seeks to understand how network failures affect the availability of service delivery across wide area networks and to evaluate classes of techniques for improving end-to-end service availability. Using several large-scale connectivity traces, we develop a model of failures that includes key parameters such as failure location and failure duration. We then use trace-based simulation to evaluate several classes of techniques for coping with network failures. We find that caching alone is seldom effective at insulating services from failures but that the combination of mobile extension code and prefetching can improve failure rates by as much as an order of magnitude for classes of service whose semantics support disconnected operation. We find that routing-based techniques may provide significant improvements, but that the improvements of many individual techniques are limited because they do not address all significant categories of network failures. By combining the techniques we examine, some systems may be able to improve availability by as much as one or two orders of magnitude.
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