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The LAPIS prototype is written in Java 1.1. The core text constraints engine is implemented in about 3500 lines of code, not including matchers and parsers. The web browser consists of about 1000 lines of code on top of the JFC JEditorPane text component.

The text constraints engine can evaluate an operator at a typical rate of 20,000 regions per second, using Symantec JIT 3.0 on a 133 MHz Pentium. The actual evaluation time of a text constraint expression varies according to the complexity of the expression and the size of its intermediate results. The text constraint expressions used in the examples in Section 5 were all evaluated in less than 0.1 second, on text files and web pages ranging up to 80KB in size.

Robert C. Miller and Brad A. Myers
Mon Apr 26 11:34:19 EDT 1999