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7 Conclusions


In this paper, we presented an architecture for a Base, a clustered hardware and software platform for building and executing flexible and adaptable infrastructure services. The Base architecture was designed to adhere to three organizing principles: (1) solve the challenging service availability and scalability problems in carefully controlled environments, allowing service authors to make many assumptions that would not otherwise be valid in an uncontrolled or wide area environment, (2) gain service flexibility by decomposing Bases into a number of receptive execution environments; and (3) introduce a level of indirection between the clients and services through the use of dynamic code generation techniques.

We built a prototype implementation (MultiSpace) of the Base architecture using Java as a foundation. This implementation took advantage of the code mobility and dynamic compilation techniques to help in the structuring and deployment of services inside the cluster. The MultiSpace abstracts away load balancing, failover, and service instance detection and naming from service authors. Using the MultiSpace platform, we implemented two novel services: the Ninja Jukebox, and Keiretsu. The Ninja Jukebox implementation demonstrated that code mobility is valuable inside a cluster environment, as it permits rapid evolution of services, and run-time binding of service components to available resources in the cluster. The Keiretsu application demonstrated that our MultiSpace layer successfully reduced the complexity of building new services: the core Keiretsu service functionality was implemented in less than a page of code, but the application was demonstrably fault-tolerant. We also demonstrated that Keiretsu code limited the scalability of this service, rather than any inherent limitation in the MultiSpace layer, although we hypothesized that our use of multicast beacons would ultimately limit the scalability of the current MultiSpace implementation.