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USENIX '99 Annual Technical Conference
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Extreme Linux Workshop
The Workshop is currently filled up and is closed to further registration.

Workshop Program and Schedule

Linux is already running on millions of desktops and servers around the world.
However, it has also made significant inroads in the high performance computing community. Extreme Linux systems are the creation of supercomputer-class computing and graphics systems by using commodity, off-the-shelf computers combined with high speed networking, and glued together with Linux.

Useful in a variety of problems, Extreme Linux systems can be built for 1/40th of the price of an equivalent "proprietary" supercomputer.

USENIX is sponsoring the Second Extreme Linux Workshop. Designed by the originators of the first successful Extreme Linux Workshop, held last year in Santa Fe, New Mexico, this expanded workshop will concentrate on the issues of Extreme Linux systems. The workshop will be limited to 130 people, in a setting which will encourage participation and discussion. This is not a "presentation conference", but a true workshop, where issues will be brought forth for discussion and resolution. Seating is limited, and invitations to Extreme Linux implementors and kernel/networking implementors will be given preference.

The workshop will focus on the research issues associated with the use of Linux in high-performance and supercomputing applications, including:

* Linux-based Workstation Clusters
* Wide-Area Supercomputing and Distributed Systems
* Filesystems, Device Drivers, and Kernel Support
* High-Performance Network Interfaces
* Message Passing and Distributed Shared Memory
* Applications
* Numerical Libraries
* Programming Language Support
* Graphics and Visualization
* Performance Analysis

Note: There will be a tutorial given by members of the Caltech staff on how to build, program and administer a Beowulf system using the Linux Operating System. This will be part of the regular USENIX/FREENIX tutorial schedule. There will also be evening BoFs, open to all USENIX and FREENIX attendees, on Extreme Linux systems. Extreme Linux vendors (both hardware and software) will be encouraged to bring their systems and have them on display.

All attendees must pay the Technical Session Fee and check the Extreme Linux Workshop box on the registration form. See Registration Information.


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