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Proceedings of the 1999 USENIX Annual Technical Conference

June 6-11, 1999
Monterey Conference Center
Monterey, California, USA

Technical Program: Refereed Papers

Technical Program: FREENIX

Technical Program: Invited Talks

Extreme Linux Workshop Notes and Presentations

Conference Reports Published in ;login:

Full Conference Program

Original Call for Papers

Conference Organizers

Program Committee
CHAIR: Avi Rubin, AT&T Labs - Research
Charles Antonelli, CITI, University of Michigan
Partha Dasgupta, Arizona State University
Wu-chi Feng, Ohio State University
Robert Gray, Boulder Labs
Peter Honeyman, USENIX
Orran Krieger, IBM
Anthony LaMarca, Xerox PARC
Darrell Long, University of California, Santa Cruz
Gary McGraw, Reliable Software Technologies
Yoon-Ho Park, IBM
Christopher Small, Lucent Technologies Bell Labs
Keith A. Smith, Harvard University
Mirjana Spasojevic, Hewlett-Packard Labs
Works-In-Progress Session Coordinator
Keith Smith, Harvard University
Invited Talks Coordinators
Clem Cole, Compaq Computer Corporation
John Heidemann, USC/ISI

FREENIX Track Committee
CHAIR: Jordan Hubbard, FreeBSD
David Greenman, FreeBSD
John Ioannidis
Angelos D. Keromytis, OpenBSD
Kirk McKusick, Author & Consultant
Jason Thorpe, NetBSD
Nathan Torkington, Consultant
Theodore Ts'o, MIT
Extreme Linux Workshop Committee
CHAIR: Peter Beckman, Los Alamos National Laboratory
David S. Greenburg, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Jon "maddog" Hall, Linux International/Compaq Computer Corporation
Rod Oldehoeft, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Matt Welsh, University of California, Berkeley


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