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Submitting a Tutorial Program Proposal

On Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, June 18-20, USENIX's well-respected tutorial program offers intensive, immediately practical tutorials on topics essential to the use, development, and administration of advanced computing systems. Skilled instructors, who are hands-on experts in their topic areas, present both introductory and advanced tutorials covering topics such as:
  • High availability and quality of service
  • Distributed, replicated, and web based systems
  • System administration and security
  • Embedded systems
  • File systems and storage systems
  • Interoperability of heterogeneous systems
  • Operating systems (Linux, BSD*, NT, etc.)
  • Application development (threads, Perl, etc.)
  • Intrusion detection and prevention
  • Internet security
  • Mobile code and mobile computing
  • New algorithms and applications
  • Systems application configuration and maintenance
  • Personal digital assistants
  • Security and privacy
  • Web-based technologies
To provide the best possible tutorial slate, USENIX continually solicits proposals for new tutorials. If you are interested in presenting a tutorial, contact:
Dan Klein, Tutorial Coordinator
Phone: 412.422.0285

Submitting an Invited Talk Proposal

These survey-style talks given by experts range over many interesting and timely topics. The Invited Talks track also may include panel presentations and selections from the best presentations at recent USENIX conferences.

The Invited Talks coordinators welcome suggestions for topics and request proposals for particular talks. In your proposal state the main focus, including a brief outline, and be sure to emphasize why your topic is of general interest to our community. Please submit via email to

Work-in-Progress Reports

Do you have interesting work you would like to share, or a cool idea that is not yet ready to be published? The USENIX audience provides valuable discussion and feedback. We are particularly interested in presentation of student work. To request a WIP slot, send email to

Birds-of-a-Feather Sessions (BOFs)

The always popular evening BOFs are very informal, attendee-organized gatherings of persons interested in a particular topic. BOFs may be scheduled at the conference or in advance by contacting the USENIX Conference Office at 949.588.8649 or via email to

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