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The 2000 USENIX Technical Conference seeks to bring together the work, and the members, of the groups that make up the USENIX community. To that end, the Program Committee is interested in receiving submissions on a broad range of topics, including (but not limited to):

  • Operating system and application structures for modern, commodity hardware, including extensible, embedded, distributed, and object-oriented systems.
  • The impact of commodity hardware and software on the development of software systems.
  • How the growing ubiquity of the Internet affects, and is affected by, the technological developments in the areas of electronic commerce, security, and heterogeneous and mobile computing.
  • ActiveX, Java, CORBA, and other technologies that support mobile and reusable software components.
  • The future of Tcl/Tk, Perl, and other scripting and domain-specific languages.
  • Connecting, managing, and maintaining geographically distributed, heterogeneous networks of computers.

As at all USENIX conferences, papers that analyze problem areas, draw important conclusions from practical experience, and make freely available the techniques and tools developed in the course of the work are especially welcome.

Cash prizes will be awarded to the best paper and the best paper by a student.

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