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2006 USENIX Annual Technical Conference Abstract

Pp. 199–212 of the Proceedings

Sharing Networked Resources with Brokered Leases

David Irwin, Jeffrey Chase, Laura Grit, Aydan Yumerefendi, and David Becker, Duke University; Kenneth G. Yocum, University of California, San Diego


This paper presents the design and implementation of Shirako, a system for on-demand leasing of shared networked resources. Shirako is a prototype of a service-oriented architecture for resource providers and consumers to negotiate access to resources over time, arbitrated by brokers. It is based on a general lease abstraction: a lease represents a contract for some quantity of a typed resource over an interval of time. Resource types have attributes that define their performance behavior and degree of isolation.

Shirako decouples fundamental leasing mechanisms from resource allocation policies and the details of managing a specific resource or service. It offers an extensible interface for custom resource management policies and new resource types. We show how Shirako enables applications to lease groups of resources across multiple autonomous sites, adapt to the dynamics of resource competition and changing load, and guide configuration and deployment. Experiments with the prototype quantify the costs and scalability of the leasing mechanisms, and the impact of lease terms on fidelity and adaptation.

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