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2005 USENIX Annual Technical Conference



Dear Colleague,
Vivek Pai
Vivek Pai

Niels Provos
Niels Provos

We're pleased to invite you to attend the 2005 USENIX Annual Technical Conference. This year we're offering 5 days of training, running alongside a 3-day conference program filled with the latest research, security breakthroughs, sessions devoted to Linux and open source software, and practical approaches to the puzzles and problems you wrestle with. You'll also have many opportunities to chat with peers who share your concerns and interests.

USENIX '05 offers 5 days of tutorials led by highly respected instructors covering crucial topics including:

  • Practical System and Network Monitoring by John Sellens
  • Implementing LDAP Directories by Gerald Carter
  • Solaris 10 Security Features Workshop by Peter Baer Galvin
  • Inside the Linux Kernel (Updated for Version 2.6) by Theodore Ts'o
  • VoIP Principles and Practice by Heison Chak
  • Network Security Assessments Workshop—Hands on by David Rhoades
And many more.

The Technical Sessions begin with the Keynote Address by George Dyson, historian and author of Darwin Among the Machines.

Other Invited Talks of note:

  • Spencer Shepler, Sun Microsystems, on NSFv4
  • Mark Wirt,, on system support for massively multi-player online gaming
  • Scott Maxwell and Frank Hartman, NASA JPL, on Linux and JPL's Mars Exploration Rover Project: Earth-based planning, Simulation, and Really Remote Scheduling
  • Vernor Vinge, Hugo award-winning sci-fi author of the Across Real Time series, The Witling, True Names, and A Fire Upon the Deep, on possible futures for software
General Session and FREENIX/Open Source Refereed Papers tracks are the premier forum for presenting the latest in groundbreaking research. CiteSeer ranks the USENIX Annual Technical Conference as one of the top-ten highest-impact publication venues for computer science. Be among the first to check out the latest innovative work on the topics you need most.

Don't miss the opportunity to pose your toughest questions to the experts in the Guru Is In Sessions. Vie for bragging rights and prizes at the USENIX Game Show. Mingle with colleagues and leading experts at the Birds-of-a-Feather sessions and at the various evening social events, including a poster reception, vendor sessions, and a reception to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the USENIX Association.

USENIX '05 promises to be an exciting showcase for the latest in innovative research and cutting-edge practices in technology. We look forward to seeing you in Anaheim in April.

On behalf of the USENIX '05 Organizers,

Vivek Pai, Princeton University
General Session Program Chair

Niels Provos, Google
FREENIX/Open Source Program Chair


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