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2005 USENIX Annual Technical Conference

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Submitting a Tutorial Proposal
USENIX's highly respected training program offers intensive, immediately applicable tutorials on topics essential to the use, development, and administration of advanced computing systems. Skilled instructors, hands-on experts in their topic areas, present both introductory and advanced tutorials covering topics such as (this list is not comprehensive—feel free to propose topics not listed):

  • System administration, maintenance, monitoring, and security:
    • Systems application configuration and maintenance
    • High availability and quality of service
    • Monitoring: SNMP, log analysis, etc.
    • Distributed data: LDAP, Web, etc.
    • Techniques: time management, failover management, etc.
  • Operating systems (Linux, *BSD, Mac, Solaris, NT, etc.):
    • File systems and storage systems
    • Interoperability of heterogeneous systems
    • Embedded systems
  • Systems and network security:
    • Intrusion detection and prevention
    • Hacking and countermeasures
    • General security topics: Internet, wireless, data, etc.
  • Applications and algorithms:
    • Security and privacy, cryptography
    • Web-based technologies
    • Mobile code and mobile computing
    • New algorithms and applications
    • Application development (threads, Perl, scripting, etc.)
  • Technologies:
    • Wireless and mobile computing
    • Personal digital assistants
    • Distributed, replicated, and Web-based systems
  • Emerging technologies:
    • New applications
    • New technologies
  • Topics not listed above!
Take a look at our recent offerings to get an idea of the diversity of topics that we offer.

To provide the best possible tutorial slate, USENIX continually solicits proposals for new tutorials. If you are interested in presenting a tutorial, contact Dan Klein, Training Program Coordinator,

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