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Instructions for Authors:
2003 USENIX Annual Technical Conference (USENIX '03)

This page is for authors who have had material accepted to present at the 2003 USENIX Annual Technical Conference (USENIX '03). If you wish to submit a paper or deliver a talk at another upcoming USENIX event, please return to the Events Calendar page and select the conference in which you're interested.

Accepted authors, please read this page!

1. Register for the conference as soon as possible! Registration materials will be online soon.

2. Be aware that both an approved printout and electronic versions--PostScript or PDF and HTML--of your paper are due in the USENIX office on or before 8 April 2003. This is a firm deadline. Papers not received by that date will not be included in the printed conference proceedings.

Please note: Your paper must be submitted to your shepherd for final approval by 31 March 2003.

You need no longer send physical copies to the USENIX office. Simply email the PDF or PostScript file of your paper and your fax number to We will gladly print the paper in our office and fax you a copy for approval. You should send the consent form by regular mail or fax to the USENIX office.

3. Bookmark and/or print the:

Instructions for Accepted Material. See especially Summary of Indispensable Requirements

USENIX '03 Consent Form or FREENIX '03 Consent Form

Checklist for Authors (in html)

Slide Presentation Guidelines (PDF)   (PostScript).

4. If you wish, make use of these sample first pages (two-column format):

MS Word 97/98
LaTeX, style file, and some tips on generating PDF from LaTeX
Framemaker 6 template and PDF of the template

If you experience difficulties, please don't hesitate to email us at or call Jane-Ellen Long at 510.528.8649 ext. 14.

If you find yourself in dire straits, please contact your Program Chair:

USENIX '03: Brian Noble,
FREENIX '03: Erez Zadok,

?Need help? Use our Contacts page.

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