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2002 USENIX Annual Technical Conference, June 10-15, 2002, Monterey Conference Center, Monterey, CA
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An Invitation from the Program Chairs

Dear Colleague,

Technical progress in the computer field has not stood still during this eventful year. The USENIX '02 program reflects the needs of this dynamic community, covering a wealth of emerging technical issues and exploring the influence they will have on our field. This conference is the place to meet peers, learn from the experts, and share solutions.

Featuring expert instructors and a wide range of topics, our technical tutorials offer practical techniques that you can put to immediate use. Security is a major theme this year, with tutorials addressing all levels, from a basic introduction, to using system-specific security features, to practical cryptography. Other tutorials include system administration for various environments, kernal internals, performance tuning, networking, and much more.

High-quality refereed papers are the cornerstone of this conference's reputation for ground-breaking research. Presentations will include new work on file and storage systems, networking, programming models, network services, and mobile computing. It is always exciting to meet the bright young student researchers who have contributed to so many of the papers.

The FREENIX refereed track is the best place to hear about the latest developments from the freely-redistributable software community. Whether you're interested in hearing about Linux, *BSD, or X11-based graphical environments, or you just want a look at some of the hot new work being made available to the public, the FREENIX track has something for you.

Our Keynote Address features Professor Lawrence Lessig from Stanford University. Professor Lessig's talk "The Internet's Coming Silent Spring" will explore current threats to the architecture or code of the Internet that may inhibit its continued innovation, both in the arts and in commerce. There is a politics in code, and our blindness to this politics will mean the loss of values protected by Internet code.

Our Guru Is In sessions give you the opportunity to ask experts for answers on a range of topics from Linux on handhelds to legacy systems. Work-in-Progress reports will offer previews of research that is just on the horizon. Plus, you can organize your own Birds-of-a-Feather session to gather attendees with similar interests.

Newcomers and past attendees will find that our Annual Technical Conference offers a wealth of knowledge and insight. Join us in Monterey on June 10-15, 2002, to learn, to connect with people in your field, and to party!

Carla Ellis Chris Demetriou
Carla Ellis
Chris Demetriou
For the USENIX 2002 Program Committees,

Carla Ellis, Duke University
Chris Demetriou, Broadcom Corp.
Program Chairs

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