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2001 USENIX Annual Technical Conference, June 25-30, 2001, Boston, MA
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An Invitation from the Program Chairs

Dear Colleague,

The USENIX Annual Technical Conference has always been the gathering place for like minds in the computer industry, a place to meet peers and experts and share solutions to common problems.

Our tutorials feature top-of-the-line instructors offering techniques and technologies that you can put to immediate use. Choose from 30 full-day classes, 17 new this year. Topics? Security, from crackers to cryptography; systems administration, from Perl to performance tuning; networking, from wireless to WAN design; management of people as well as machines; and much more. Our tutorials fill up fast, so register early.

High-quality refereed papers are the cornerstone of this conference's reputation for ground-breaking research. Presentations will include new work on operating systems, security, storage, networking, Web servers, and scheduling.

The very popular refereed FREENIX track is devoted to Linux, *BSD, X11-based graphical user interfaces, and the full range of freely redistributable software. Anyone interested in open-source software will appreciate the technical quality and relevance of the FREENIX track.

In our Keynote Address, Daniel D. Frye, Director of the IBM Linux Technology Center, will speak on: Linux as a Strategic Disruptive Force. Cynthia Breazeal, MIT Media Lab, and her robot, Kismet, will give the Closing Session talk. There will be 10 Invited Talks given by research and industry leaders, as well as Guru Is In sessions, where you can get answers from experts to some of those burning questions.

Newcomers and past attendees will find that our Annual Technical Conference offers a wealth of knowledge and insight. Join us in Boston on June 25-30, 2001, to learn, to connect with people in your field, and to party!

Yoonho Park Clem Cole
Yoonho Park
Clem Cole
For the USENIX 2001 Organizing Committees,

Yoonho Park, ReefEdge Inc.
Clem Cole, Paceline Systems Corp.
Program Chairs

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