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USENIX Technical Program - Abstract - WinsSys - August 2000

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4th USENIX Windows Systems Symposium
August 3-4, 2000
Seattle, Washington, USA


Thursday, August 3

File Systems
Session Chair: David Steere, Oregon Graduate Institute

Archipelago: An Island-Based File System for Highly Available and Scalable Internet Services
Minwen Ji, Edward W. Felten, Randolph Wang, and Jaswinder Pal Singh, Princeton University

Single Instance Storage in Windows 2000
William J. Bolosky and Scott Corbin, Microsoft Research; David Goebel, Balder Technology Group, Inc.; and John R. Douceur, Microsoft Research

Session Chair: Ed Felten, Princeton University

User-level Resource-Constrained Sandboxing
Fangzhe Chang, Ayal Itzkovitz, and Vijay Karamcheti, New York University

WindowBox: A Simple Security Model for the Connected Desktop
Dirk Balfanz, Princeton University; and Daniel R. Simon, Microsoft Research

An Objectbase Schema Evolution Approach to Windows NT Security
K. Barker, University of Calgary; Raj Jayaplan and R. Peters, University of Manitoba

Developer Tools
Session Chair: Rumi Zahir, Intel Corporation

An Empirical Study of the Robustness of Windows NT Applications Using Random Testing
Justin E. Forrester and Barton P. Miller, University of Wisconsin

Gemini Lite: A Non-Intrusive Debugger for Windows NT
Ryan S. Wallach, Lucent Technologies

Friday, August 4

Wireless Systems
Session Chair: Karin Petersen, Xerox Palo Alto Research Center

Extending the Windows Desktop Interface with Connected Handheld Computers
Brad A. Myers, Robert C. Miller, Benjamin Bostwick, and Carl Evankovich, Carnegie Mellon University

Opportunities for Bandwidth Adaptation in Microsoft Office Documents
Eyal de Lara, Dan S. Wallach, and Willy Zwaenepoel, Rice University

A Toolkit for Building Dependable and Extensible Home Networking Applications
Yi-Min Wang and Wilf Russell, Microsoft Research; and Anish Arora, Ohio State University

Cluster Computing
Session Chair: Werner Vogels, Cornell University

WSDLite: A Lightweight Alternative to Windows Sockets Direct Path
Evan Speight, Cornell University; Hazim Shafi, Trilogy Software, Inc.; and John K. Bennett, University of Colorado at Boulder

Global Memory Management for a Multi-Computer System
Dejan Milojicic, Steve Hoyle, Alan Messer, Albert Munoz, Lance Russell, and Tom Wylegala, HP Labs; Vivekanand Vellanki, Georgia Tech; and Stephen Childs, Cambridge University, UK

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