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Dear Colleague,

In the last three years, the Windows NT Symposium has become a premier forum for sharing ideas and learning about the latest developments with Windows operating systems. This year, we have renamed the conference the Windows Systems Symposium to recognize the wealth of research occurring on all Win32 platforms, from Windows 2000 to Windows CE. The great presentations on this year's program cover the spectrum from tiny devices embedded in a "smart" home to the large cluster-based systems required to handle Internet service delivery.

The Windows Systems Symposium kicks off with the Keynote Address by Mark Lucovsky, Microsoft's Lead Architect for Windows NT, describing how MS grew a software project from 12 engineers to a staff of 5,000, and to over 30 million lines of code. We also welcome our second keynote speaker, Tilak Mandadi, Director of Technology for Dell Online, speaking on pushing the limits of scalability, reliability, and manageability of Internet service delivery. Windows is pushing the limits in scientific computing too, and Andrew Chien, CTO of and Professor at UC San Diego, will tell us about his experience with Supercomputing on Windows clusters.

Last year's very successful Symposium enabled over 300 researchers, developers, and technical strategists to share their knowledge and experiences. If you are using Windows for research or development, are planning to move your career in that direction, or are just looking for the latest developments in Windows-related technology, this symposium is designed for you.

Join us in Seattle, Washington, on August 3-4, 2000.

chen_brad draves_rich
J. Bradley ChenRichard Draves

J. Bradley Chen,
Richard Draves, Microsoft Research
Symposium Co-Chairs

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