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USENIX Technical Program - Abstract - Windows NT Symposium 99

Porting Legacy Engineering Applications onto Distributed NT Systems

N. K. Allsopp, T. P. Cooper, P. Ftakas, Parallel Applications Centre; and P. C. Macey, SER Systems Ltd.


In this paper we present our experiences developing two distributed computing applications on NT. In both examples a legacy application is ported from Unix to NT and is then further developed to be a distributed application within the NT environment. We shall present two different approaches to managing the remote execution of tasks. One is a port of a serial vibroacoustic analysis code called PAFEC VibroAcoustic and the other is the parallelisation of the non-linear analysis modules of the LUSAS FE analysis package. We shall show in these two projects that it is technically possible to carry out scientific computing on a distributed NT resource.
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