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Paper, demonstration, and panel proposals are due September 1, 1999; Poster submissions are due December 8, 1999.

We are accepting most conference submissions electronically, via email. Paper, poster, panel and demonstration proposal submissions should be sent in two forms:

  • Postscript or PDF files formatted for an 8.5 x 11 inch page with 1 inch margins. (Be sure that it will print on a variety of printers.)
  • Plain text or HTML (standard markup only, no browser-specific tags).

Send submissions to: tcl2kpapers@usenix. org. If accepted, both electronic and camera-ready hardcopy of the final version (full paper, poster abstract, or panel summary and position statements) will be required.

Formal demonstration proposals should also include six copies of a VHS videotape showing the demonstration. The videotapes are for review purposes only, and cannot be returned. If accepted, both camera-ready and electronic versions of the abstract will be required.

Postal Address:

Tcl/2K (Tcl/Tk 2000) Conference
USENIX Association
2560 Ninth Street, Suite 215
Berkeley CA 94710
Phone: 510.528.8649

More information on the conference will be available at the conference Web site.


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