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There will be a demonstration reception one evening. Demonstrations will be held in parallel, allowing attendees to more closely interact with the demonstrators. Space will be available for demonstrations in the following categories:

Reviewed demonstrations

  • will be given a demonstration station for the entire session and
  • will have an abstract published in the conference proceedings.

Submissions should include both a one-page abstract and six copies of a video-tape (VHS) showing the demonstration. Some demonstrations may also be scheduled for a conference session.

Informal demonstrations

  • will be assigned a specific time during the demonstration session.

Authors of accepted papers as well as those with demonstration-ready Works-in-Progress are encouraged to sign up for informal demonstration time slots. More information on the facilities available for informal demonstrations will be provided in the registration materials and on the conference Web site.

Demonstrations of commercial products of interest to the Tcl/Tk community are encouraged. The abstract for the proceedings, however, should avoid commercial content (i.e., it should not include pricing and sales information or marketing content).


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