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USENIX Technical Program - Abstract - Security Symposium 99

Antigone: A Flexible Framework for Secure Group Communication

Patrick McDaniel, Atul Prakash, EECS Department, University of Michigan; and Peter Honeyman, Center for Information Technology Integration, University of Michigan


Many emerging applications on the Internet requiring group communication have varying security requirements. Significant strides have been made in achieving strong semantics and security guarantees within group environments. However, in existing solutions, the scope of available security policies is often limited. This paper presents Antigone, a framework that provides a suite of mechanisms from which flexible application security policies may be implemented. With Antigone, developers may choose a policy that best addresses their security and performance requirements. We describe the Antigone's mechanisms, consisting of a set of micro-protocols, and show how different security policies can be implemented using those mechanisms. We also present a performance study illustrating the security/performance tradeoffs that can be made using Antigone.
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