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9th USENIX Security Symposium, Aug. 14-17, 2000, Denver, Colorado
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Symposium Organizers

Program Co-Chairs
Steven Bellovin, AT&T Labs--Research
Greg Rose, QUALCOMM Australia

Invited Talks Coordinator
Win Treese, Open Market Inc.

The USENIX Association Staff

Program Committee
Carl Ellison, Intel Corporation
Ian Goldberg, University of California at Berkeley
Peter Gutmann, University of Auckland
Trent Jaeger, IBM T.J.Watson Research Center
Markus Kuhn, University of Cambridge
Marcus Leech, Nortel
Alain Mayer, Bitmo
Avi Rubin, AT&T Labs--Research
Jeff Schiller, MIT
Jonathan Trostle, Cisco
Wietse Venema, IBM T.J.Watson Research Center
Dan Wallach, Rice University
Tara Whalen, Communications Research Centre Canada
Elizabeth Zwicky, Counterpane Internet Security

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