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Call for Papers
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USENIX Security '09 Call for Papers

Symposium Organizers

Program Chair

Fabian Monrose, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Program Committee

Lucas Ballard, Google Inc.
Paul Barford, University of Wisconsin
Lujo Bauer, Carnegie Mellon University
Steven M. Bellovin, Columbia University
Bill Cheswick, AT&T Labs—Research
George Danezis, Microsoft Research, UK
Vinod Ganapathy, Rutgers University
Tal Garfinkel, VMware and Stanford University
Ian Goldberg, University of Waterloo
Trent Jaeger, Pennsylvania State University
Samuel King, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Christopher Kruegel, University of California, Santa Barbara
Wenke Lee, Georgia Institute of Technology
David Lie, University of Toronto
Vern Paxson, UC Berkeley and International Computer Science Institute
Niels Provos, Google Inc.
Michael Reiter, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
R. Sekar, Stony Brook University
Hovav Shacham, University of California, San Diego
Micah Sherr, University of Pennsylvania
Angelos Stavrou, George Mason University
Julie Thorpe, Carleton University
Patrick Traynor, Georgia Institute of Technology
Wietse Venema, IBM Research
David Wagner, University of California, Berkeley
Xiaolan (Catherine) Zhang, IBM Research

Invited Talks Committee

Dan Boneh, Stanford University
Patrick McDaniel, Pennsylvania State University
Hugh Thompson, People Security

Poster Session Chair

Carrie Gates, CA Labs

Work-in-Progress Reports (WiPs) Chair

Sven Dietrich, Stevens Institute of Technology

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