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System call overhead (no authentication)

Our first measurements determine the authorization overheads for netAuth, by using a light weight authentication with minimal overhead. The authorization mechanism limits which users can use the service, it is implemented outside of application.

Table 2: Elapse times for the micro-benchmarks and the Unix-style concurrent server (see Section 3). No authentication is performed in any of these cases. The time specified are all in micro seconds.
  UNIX NetAuth Overhead
  (microseconds) (microseconds)  
bind 6.00 6.75 12.5%
connect 28.00 32.00 14.28%
connect-send-recv (Unix style) 145.00 157.00 8.27%

The measurements are given in Table 2, are of netAuth vs. unmodified Linux:

We note that these overheads are best case [26], normally latency issues are higher. Moreover, no performance tuning has yet been done on the netAuth implementation.

Manigandan Radhakrishnan 2008-05-13